Director’s   Message

Director’s Message

Children are the architects of the future and at DRSIS we endeavour to promote thinkers who would have the courage and conviction to lead with their astute insight, competency, caliber and values. The school’s motto ‘enlightening minds, encouraging creativity, fostering responsibility’ epitomizes the schools commitment to broaden the students’ horizons and enable them to carve an integrated, enlightened world, a world that fosters unity yet celebrates the uniqueness of each individual.

As the academic session continues, with every new day come new strengths and new thoughts. At school we happen to witness lifelong learners, deeply rooted in their values, vibrantly involved in academics and co-curricular pursuits, adding the sparkle of thrill and excitement to school life. The school is a stage on which children work through the plot, rehearse their roles and create their ‘ideal selves’ for demonstrating their capability or talent. It is my dream that the students of DRSIS will come to know themselves as masters of their own fields as special emphasis is laid on international mindedness and global values providing students an edge over others to be a leader in their respective field of activity.

Mr. A.K. Agarwal

Director, DRSIS

The educational development of a nation is not limited to the approach of educating the young ones but it’s imperative to use the right methodology to impart education and awareness. I wish my learners remain seekers of knowledge and motivated by curiosity and a growing sense of wonder to cultivate healthy attitude and traits in order to blossom in the air of trusted independence.

We at DRSIS methodically and purposefully provide outreach academic support and a climate that encourages the self-empowerment of students. Our students are a blend of cosmopolitan outlook, courage, mission and entrepreneurship which renders them a cutting edge above the crowd. They are nurtured in such a manner that they grow up as an amalgam of ethics, values, knowledge and education.

Mr. Sanjay Agarwal

Director, DRSIS