May - GALLERY - 2017

IBDP Graduation Day

On 20th May, DRS International School held its Graduation Ceremony for the IBDP students of batch 2015-2017 at the school Atrium hall.

Like most other universities, at DRSIS, the annual Graduation Ceremony is a day devoted to celebrating an important point in students lives and looking at all the smiling faces, wondering what the future will hold for these students.

This year’s graduation theme was “Fly”. The theme defines that their time has come to let these young and aspiring minds to fly away from school, to reach the new skies in their life and to make more memories so, they can always reflect on their school days.

The speeches by the Facilitators made everyone glow, students beamed with self-fulfillment, parents realized that their assistance both financial and emotional was worthwhile, and the faculty had the satisfaction of bringing another group through the system.

The graduate speakers thanked the School, facilitators and their classmatesfor all the experience and opportunities they had been given, and celebrated the completion of their high school careers and looked forward to what they will make of their lives.