On 19th of April an elocution competition was conducted for junior and senior secondary students.

The topic of elocution for seniors were “How media is influencing our lifestyle and thinking today”

The topic of junior secondary section was, “Tolerance is a prerequisite for a peaceful India”

The senior secondary students spoke well and addressed the topic from various angles with a good effort. They spoke fluently and to the point. Many new faces came forward and participated.

It was heartwarming to see almost all the candidates of junior secondary spoke beautifully and eloquently. Many first timers also did good justification to the topic. At the end the audience was called to feel free to give their inputs about this interesting topic. Ms. Janet and Vice principal Mr. Rudolph highlighted the topic however Adip of grade 8-CIE said very interesting point he said” Look at the colors of the flags from different nations most of them have colors that signify their races and look at Indian flag the colors of green saffron blue and white do not signify any race they are for a different meaning and it is unity in diversity”.

The different houses of Tesla, Newton, Galileo and Da Vinci were presented with two participants each for juniors and two for seniors the winners of the elocution competition are as follows:

The winners of elocution Competition for grade6-8 were:

I position: Shan Rai VIII-D ( Davinci House) &Ishitraiy VI –C ( Galileo House)

II position: Sai Pranav VI-C (Da Vinci House)

III position: Ayaan Lakhanai VIIID (Galileo House)

The winners of elocution Competition for grade 9-10 were

I position: ManasVaralwar XII-A (Newton House)

II position: SowmyaMandaokar IX-A (Tesla House)

III position: Ishaan Mohan Jasuja (Galileo House)