Principal Message


As Head of DRS International School, it's a pleasure for me to welcome you to a place of great enthusiasm, energy and promise. DRSIS Team represents a dedicated and collaborative group of facilitators who engage students in the learning process in an exemplary manner; our students are very talented, respectful, fun to be with and individuals that we are proud to be associated with. Reinforced by the DRSIS core values, our students develop leadership qualities with a global outlook churning them into responsible individuals of the world.

At its essence, this is what DRS International School is all about. Here, at a supremely academic place, one whose center is its teachers and learners, the broad purpose of education is to provide the foundation for a lifelong love of learning and to nurture young people as they take on the task of defining themselves in relation to their world. We seek to foster in our students the courage to think and act as distinct individuals whose angle of vision is wide, intelligent, informed, and compassionate

Founded on principles and values that are the basis of the DRS Group, we at DRSIS address the curriculum in a manner that is relevant and developmentally appropriate where learning skills, problem solving, communication and critical thinking are of paramount importance. We strive to focus our energies on guiding students to become well rounded academically by maintaining a close eye on their emotional, social and physical needs. We committed to partnering parents community in nurturing the next generation of leaders.

In a demanding academic environment, we challenge students to try on the perspectives and habits of mind that historian and writers, mathematicians & linguists, scientists & artists, and athletes & musicians bring to their disciplines. Here students progress through increasingly empowering stages, from harvesting information to gaining knowledge, to reaching understanding and, finally, to forming convictions.

Life at DRSIS is also strongly athletic, artistic, and social; it presumes a commonality of purpose and a focus on striving for excellence in everything we do. We have in common a belief that independence and individualism should be balanced with a commitment to community and an embrace of obligation; we are distinct individuals at an independent school, but we welcome the responsibilities we have toward each other and to the community outside of DRSIS. We share the good fortune to be part of a place where the importance of respect, trust, kindness and laughter are given, along with the importance of intelligence and hard work.

At DRSIS the word "hopeful" has a special meaning. Here it conveys the belief that our young people hold the promise of future good; further, it expresses our expectation that they will fulfill that promise. Finally, I want to comment on the ultimate value of a DRSIS education. Here academics are central; and at DRSIS that students experience the breadth and depth of a liberal arts & creative education. We remain tremendously and justifiably proud of our students' academic accomplishments. At the same time, we are mindful that we have the privilege of teaching our students during a distinct and rich period in their young lives and that life at DRSIS is more than preparation for the future - it is an educational experience that has its own meaning and purpose and pleasure.

As the responsible Head of School, I would really like to collaborate & partner with our parent community to enrich learning experiences of all our children. Let’s join hands to make educational experience for our children more meaningful and enjoyable.

Dr. Gaurav Muradia

(Head of School)

Campus, Survey No. 523 Opp.Apparel Park, Gundla Pochampally, Medchal Mandal, R.R. District : 500100, Telangana, India.
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