We care... Hope

Hope is a powerful force that anchors individuals when the going gets tough. Hope lifts people from the depths of despair and give opens them up to a future of possibilities and improvement. Hope is not just an emotion but a state-of-mind and an approach that can define and change the course of one’s life. It’s important to not just hold hope, but to create, inspire and share hopes. When hopes are shared and become collective dreams, the probability of them mobilising a community into action is much higher, and the odds of a hope materializing is much higher. Hope can certainly make the world a better place!

We Care Hope

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Parent Involvement Activity: Parents and children will do a ‘swap’ activity in which they will list five hopes they have for each other to materialize in the month of April.

Classroom Decor: Students will make a creative poster display of hopes they have for the world with the template of the world map.

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