We care... Simplicity

Simplicity is a core value that has immense intrinsic worth. The ultimate form of sophistication is perhaps, simplicity, and it is also one of the hardest qualities we can strive to perfect. In order to embody simplicity, it is important to challenge oneself to look at the very basics and fundamentals of anything and ensure that the essence of that thing is intact.

To be simple, is not always easy and effortless. Sometimes being simple calls for the mindful and conscious paring down of luxuries and non-necessities. In a material sense, this involves distinguishing between needs and wants. On the mental plane, it means a conscious effort to be slow down and savour the moment rather than take off with complex or unending lines of thought. Simplicity can also manifest itself in speech, in action, in one’s attire and one’s approaches to things and problems. The simplest choice or solution, is often the best one.

We Care Simplicity

Parent Involvement Activity: Parents will take some time out to go through old photo albums with their children, and will together identify how things were simpler back in time and ponder whether simplicity is closely tied to happiness.

Classroom Decor: Each student will make a list of five things he/she possesses that he/she no longer needs on a post-it note. After every student in the class has made such a list, the post-it notes can be pasted on a chart in any particular shape or design. The class can then discuss what can be done with such objects.

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