We care... Acceptance

Acceptance is a state of mind and being that focuses on openness to experiences, people and ideas, especially those that are different from the norm. It involves mindfulness and devoting one's full attention to that experience, person or idea in all the different ways it appears. Complete acceptance is made difficult or impossible because of the prejudices, fears and judgements we have. From a delay in the arrival of a bus, to losing someone, acceptance also means accepting things beyond our control as they are without trying to modify or control them to suit ourselves. This month here at DRS International School, we are striving to understand and accept each other, across a spectrum of differences, whether it be those of interests, culture, language and ability by reaching out.

We Care Acceptance

Parent Involvement Activity: Parents are requested to spend time with their children and spell out things (behaviour, mannerisms, actions, habits etc.) that they do not like and appreciate in each other. The whole family will consciously make an effort to appreciate each other and accept each other as they are.

Creative Classroom Decor: Accepting each other as they are is one of the most precious aspects of friendship. Students will create a mind-map highlighting the aspects they find hard to accept and devise ways to accept them.

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