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True empathy is perhaps one of the hardest traits to cultivate. While sympathy is in many ways a basic human reflex, empathy involves rising above merely being moved by another, or feeling sorry for them, to actually place oneself in another’s shoes and experience the world from their point of view.

Here at DRSIS, we understand that empathy doesn’t come easily. To this end, our Life Skills Programme, our Creativity Activity Service Programme, our Interact Club and our DRSIS Community & Humane Club are all designed to stimulate empathy by providing our students real-world experiences of people from diverse backgrounds.

We believe that placing oneself in another’s shoes isn’t enough, we have to walk in them, as well. This is the essence of ‘taking action’ that underlines our students’ inquiry and community outreach oriented activities, and it is perhaps in many ways the goal of all education at DRS International School- the transformation of the self, through the transformation of others’.

We Care Empathy

Photo by Alex Wigan on Unsplash (Royalty Free Image)

Parent Involvement Activity: Parents and children will exchange roles and chores for an hour every week this month. This exercise will really help both the parent and the child to understand and experience life from the others’ perspective and help with bonding and build mutual support.

Classroom Decor: The Class Teacher will divide the class into four and assign each group an individual within the school community to ‘shadow’ and ‘understand’ through ‘empathy’. At the end of one week, each group will brainstorm and collate their findings and prepare a poster of the same to be displayed in the class.

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