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The spirit of adventure is best encapsulated in the DRSIS school motto 'Strive to Surpass'. Being adventurous translates into the courage to leave the known behind and step out into uncertain, unexplored new territory. The concept of adventure carries within it the notion of a challenge, of rising up to meet an experience head-on. This sense of pushing oneself to know more, feel more and do more need not limit itself to adventure sports or extreme tests of endurance, but can be felt in small ways when one steps outside one's social comfort zones, or one's idea of one's own identity and transcend self-made expectations. It takes both faith and moral courage to make such leaps and take risks.

While both childhood and adolescence are undoubtedly a time for exploration and adventure, here at DRSIS, we encourage our students to take informed and calculated risks that are fulfilling and further their well-being. Our challenging Sports Education Programme, the recreational camps and treks we offer our students from time to time, all offer our students avenues to experience adventures physically, while our rigorous and balanced international curricula ensure that everyday in DRSIS is full of learning adventures.

We Care Adventure

Parent Involvement Activity: Parents and children will together create a list of 4 adventurous things they will undertake together, 1 for every week of the month. This task has to be something different, new, and adventurous - perhaps trekking together, visiting a new place, going on a road trip, trying a new item of food, climbing a mountain, or an exploratory long walk in the park.

Classroom Decor:Students will depict their adventure stories - stories of doing something new and out of the ordinary, through paintings, stories, poems, cartoon strips, etc and display in the classroom.

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