Best Residential School In Hyderabad



Best Residential School In Hyderabad


Top International School in Hyderabad with IB, CBSE Curriculum

World class campus, highly experience faculty, personal attention to each student and well planned curriculum for your child’s holistic development.

Life at DRSIS Boarding

DRS International School’s boarding provides a secure, nurturing environment for your child’s holistic development. With well-maintained facilities and highly trained staff, your child experiences a supportive atmosphere for living, learning, and growing. The immersive learning experience includes diverse extracurricular activities, fostering creativity and critical thinking. Boarding at DRS offers an ideal study environment, free from home distractions, maximizing academic potential. It ensures a balance between academic rigor and a caring atmosphere, where strong relationships and personalized support help your child navigate challenges. Enroll your child for academic and personal growth in a home-like setting.

Boarding Options

DRS International School offers two boarding options: fully boarding and weekly boarding. Fully boarding is ideal for those seeking full immersion in the school community, while weekly boarding suits families wanting a balance between school life and weekends at home. Both options provide a safe, nurturing environment fostering academic and personal growth.

Regardless of the choice, DRS International School ensures a comprehensive education beyond academics. Boarding students access diverse extracurricular activities, developing creativity and critical thinking. They also acquire essential life skills like time management and responsibility. Whether fully or weekly boarding, DRS International School offers a unique and enriching experience for your child’s academic and personal development. Enroll your child for growth, learning, and thriving in a supportive environment.

Co-Curricular Activities

DRS International School offers a diverse range of co-curricular activities, integral to holistic development. Categorized into sports, cultural, and literary pursuits:

Sports: State-of-the-art facilities and expert coaching in basketball, cricket, football, tennis, and more. Fosters physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Cultural: Dedicated studios for music, dance, drama, and visual arts. Opportunities for musical ensembles, dance troupes, drama productions, and visual arts exploration.

Literary: Activities include debating, public speaking, creative writing, and journalism. Competitions at various levels enhance communication and critical thinking skills.

This comprehensive co-curricular program at DRS International School nurtures students’ interests, builds social connections, and imparts valuable life skills. Whether through sports, cultural activities, or literary pursuits, students explore passions and develop into well-rounded individuals.

Residential Academics

DRS International School’s boarding presents a rigorous academic program fostering future success. Designed for structured focus, students immerse themselves fully in studies, cultivating a strong work ethic and effective study habits. The multicultural environment promotes intercultural understanding, empathy, and cultural competence, preparing students for a globalized world. Academic support services, including tutoring and counseling, ensure students have essential resources for success.

In summary, DRS International School’s boarding provides a unique and valuable academic experience, equipping students with tools and resources essential for their success.

Recreational Outings

DRS International School’s boarding organizes recreational outings, offering students a break from school life. Balancing academic rigor with leisure, students engage in various activities like local trips and outdoor adventures, fostering fun and learning. These well-planned outings, supervised by experienced staff, enhance knowledge and social skills, including communication, teamwork, and leadership—crucial for personal and academic success. In summary, DRS International School’s boarding provides students with enjoyable and educational recreational opportunities, promoting exploration, new experiences, and vital skill development.



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