Best IB Primary School in Hyderabad

IB Curriculum for Primary School

The Primary Years are the foundational years for growth and the learning and at DRS International School, we believe that the International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum, has one of the best approaches to primary schooling in the world. The IB Primary Years Programme Curriculum encourages students to look at the world beyond the lens of traditional subject boundaries and grow as diverse, global citizens, who are equipped with skills that are future-ready.

The IB Primary Years Programme at DRS

Here, at DRS International School, the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate forms the bedrock for learning in the formative years through inquiry-based learning. Based on the educational vision of Kath Murdoch, this approach has transformed the way we learn and facilitate learning in DRSIS.

International Kindergarten-The First Steps

Truly a place of joy, discovery and learning, the International Kindergarten is a second home to our students below the age of six. Driven by the Early Years Programme of the IB PYP, the International Kindergarten gives our students an early start to play-based, exploratory inquiry in warm and inspiring learning environments that are designed to provoke the imagination and natural curiosity of the little ones.

Our kindergarten students enjoy a daily routine filled with learning adventures that, besides the creative emphasis on the basics of English and Math, offer students four ‘Units of Inquiry’ that help them develop a sense of identity as well as satiate their thirst to explore and learn about the world at large.

The Jungle Gym, Wonder Room and Activities of the Month add vibrancy to the Programme, helping them develop their social, self-management and communication skills through play and carefully thought-out activities.

The Primary Years Programme

At DRSIS, we place the learner at the heart of everything we do. Through the PYP, we nurture in our young students a passionate love for learning through its investigative and inquiry-based approach that incites them to examine for themselves the nuances of the content explored. At DRS, our facilitators push the boundaries of transdisciplinary learning to ensure that each of our students learn in an intergrated, holistic way and are organically prompted into taking action.

The soul of the IB PYP is its commitment to international mindedness and this belief is enshrined in all our practices at DRSIS. Our classrooms promote a practical engagement with the IB Attitudes and Attributes of the Learner Profile, with students learning to identify and embody these traits in their daily lives. Our highly qualified and IB trained facilitators, team up with students to create learning engagements and experiences that are as unique as they are rich in impact and meaning.

Exciting events, creative competitions, exhibitions, a rigorous Sports Education Programme and field trips make learning in the IB PYP at DRS International School, the foundation of your child’s life-long educational journey.