Assessments as DRS International School informs both learning and teaching practices. Facilitators at DRSIS use a variety of assessment strategies, tools, and techniques to build a detailed understanding of each learner’s development. Our facilitators assess students before, during and at the culmination of units of study, as well as at intervals throughout the year.

Our facilitators begin each unit of study by first understanding and acknowledging what each student brings into the classroom in terms of existing knowledge. Recording, Documenting and Reporting assessment data is done meticulously, transparently and with great attention to detail and to the individual needs of the students. Assessment data supports teachers in designing learning experiences tailored according to the needs of their students. Specialists in the field of individual needs also track student progress and share their understanding with classroom teachers and parents.

Evidence of student learning documented through portfolios, projects, tasks and assignments as well as that of progress, are shared with parents at regular intervals through coffee mornings, parent-teacher conferences, meetings and open-house days besides student-led conferences and exhibitions. At DRSIS, there is a strong belief that assessments are an integral and enjoyable part of learning that is not distinct from the learning process itself.