Career Guidance

DRSIS University Placements & Career Guidance Cell helps the students to identify the right Career Path based on their Subject Strengths, Interests and Career Options.  The students apply to the colleges with the Career Counselors help for Early Decisions and Scholarships.  The Cell also takes care of the End to End process of a Students University Placements process.

Step by Step Career Guidance Process

# Step 1

Counseling with
Student & Parents

Fosters open communication and support

Creates a collaborative environment for addressing academic, emotional, and personal development needs.

# Step 2

Check with Career Aspirations / Interests

Allows educators to provide personalized guidance

Empowers students to make informed decisions and pursue pathways aligned with their passions and future goals.

# Step 3

Matching with Right Course & Country

Maximizes students' learning experience to thrive in a supportive international environment.

Ensures that the students' educational journey aligns with their academic strengths, career aspirations, and personal preferences.

# Step 4

Documents Preparation

Enhances students' professional image & increases their chances of securing desired opportunities.

it involves organizing and updating essential documents such as portfolios, ensuring they reflect the individual's skills and accomplishments accurately.

# Step 5

Admission & Entrance Tests Preparation

Increases students' chances of gaining admission into desired educational institutions and programs.

This comprehensive preparation enables students to demonstrate their academic abilities, showcase their potential, and unlock opportunities for future career paths.

# Step 6

Exploring Universities
& Financial Budgets

Allows students to evaluate various universities, based on program offerings and affordability

Empowers students to find the right balance between their educational goals and financial constraints, paving a path towards their desired career trajectory.

# Step 7

Helping with University Applications

Increases their chances of securing admission to their desired universities and programs

This ensures that students can showcase their achievements & skills in a compelling manner, setting them on a path towards their future goals.

# Step 8

Tracking Offers / I20s - Admits / Offers

This tracking process helps students to embark on their academic journey with confidence and peace of mind.

Ensures timely communication and follow-up to facilitate a smooth transition from acceptance to enrollment, securing chosen educational institution.

# Step 9

Helping with VISA Processing & Mock Interviews (Abroad)

Increases their chances of successfully securing study permits and preparing them for the actual interview experience.

Guides students through the intricacies of visa applications and providing opportunities to enhance their interview skills, facilitating a smooth transition to their desired international educational journey.