Residential FAQs

1. What is the school’s policy on eatables being sent with/given to the child?

The school advises parents to not send any eatables or tucks with the child as they are prohibited. The residential students are given a choice of meals and snacks from a nutritious and vegetarian menu, and also have dry canteen/tuck shop facilities with food from eateries that are both hygienic and popular. In addition, our students are regularly taken out to restaurants for lunch on Sundays.

2. What is the school’s policy on cash and valuables being sent with/given to the child?

The school strongly advises against sending cash and valuables with students, as these are prohibited and will be confiscated if found.

3. Is the schedule for working days the same as that of Sundays and Holidays?

We have a different schedule for Sundays and Holidays that emphasizes recreation and relaxation. Events, activities & workshops are planned for these days. For more details, please refer to the Residential Handbook.

4. What is the schedule like for Saturdays?

On Saturdays, we have regular classes till the afternoon that are followed by a time slot for special hobbies and games (such as horse-riding, Zumba and so on), tuck-shop, and supervised study. For more details, please refer to the Residential Handbook.

5. When can I visit my child?

Parents may visit their child on specified Parent Visit days in the Residential Handbook, during specified hours. Parent Visits are generally scheduled for the last Sunday of every month from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

6. How/when can I get in touch with my child over the phone?

Students are allowed to make and receive calls between 9:00 PM and 9:30 PM on the numbers specified in the residential handbook, with each call not exceeding five minutes.

7. What are compulsory family holidays?

Compulsory Holidays include Summer Holidays, Janmashtami Holidays, Dussehra Holidays & Winter Holidays. Students should be picked up by the parent/authorized guardian from the campus on the day prior to the commencement of the holidays between 3:15 PM & 5:00 PM (with the exception of students with flight/rail bookings).

8. What are optional family holidays?

Optional Family Holidays are the 4 days specified in the Residential Handbook where parents can choose to take their ward home or let them stay in the residence. 8th to 9th July, 18th to 19th October, 11th November to 12th November, 13th January to 14th January are the specified dates.

9. What academic support and guidance does the residential wing offer my child?

Students are required to attend morning and evening study hours in the residential wing besides their regular classes, which are supervised and conducted by our residential faculty members. The facilitators monitor and ensure their academic progress, besides mentoring and guiding them. Our residential students of senior secondary classes also have the option of attending IIT-JEE coaching at Aakash Tutorials, with whom we associate for our medical and engineering aspirants.

10. When and how can I contact or meet with my child’s teachers or the Residential Coordinator/Vice-Principal/Principal?

Parents are encouraged to attend the Open-Houses and Parent-Teacher Meetings according to the schedule specified in the School & Residential Handbooks, where they can discuss their ward’s academic progress and overall development with the teachers and if needed, the Vice-Principal/Principal. Parents can also take prior appointments to meet with staff during working hours and may contact them through e-mail/landline/official numbers listed in the handbook whenever they wish to contact them.

11. How can I stay informed about my child’s academics and activities in school?

Besides Open-House Days and Parent-Teacher Meetings, our school also regularly shares goings-on in the school with parents through regular Circulars, Weekly Updates via E-mails, our bi-monthly newsletters, the School Yearbook, and online updates on our Official Website, Facebook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts & Blogs besides our app/online portal.

12. Will my child have access to a phone/internet?

Residential students are not allowed to carry phones with them but are allowed to make and receive phone calls during specific hours. Students have access to the internet according to a specified cyber-schedule, and are also given access to digital and virtual resources for academic purposes through the media centre and cyber labs.

13. My child’s birthday is coming up. What arrangements are permitted to celebrate the occasion?

We understand that birthdays are special occasions for children. While we do not accommodate leave requests, we do encourage parents to visit their child between 5:00 and 6:00 pm of the birthday. You are permitted to bring a small cake and simple toffees for your ward’s classmates. Further celebrations are not permitted, given that the school celebrates their birthdays in the evening in the hostel itself, with cake and refreshments provided.

14. I am unable to come in person to pick up my child. Can I send someone else?

As a general rule of thumb, only parents/authorized local guardians can pick up students. However, in the unlikely event of an emergency, you are requested to ensure that a pre-authorization is sent in advance and that the person produced valid photo identification.

15. In the event I am unable to come in person or send someone to pick-up my child, how can the school facilitate conveyance?

On parent request, the school facilitates escort and transportation to the nearest railway station/airport, with expenses debited to the parent’s account. Applications for the same need to be submitted 5-10 days in advance before the scheduled arrival/departure.

16. Are there any specific items my child is required to bring at the beginning of the academic year or after vacations?

Yes. Please refer to a list of the same clearly specified at the end of the Residential Handbook.

17. How do I procure books, stationery and academic supplies for my child?

All books and stationery for the year are to be bought from the school stores as a kit at the beginning of the academic year. The school will ensure the student is given extra supplies if and when needed, for which the expenses are debited to the parent.

18. What kind of food will be available to my child?

The school serves healthy, nutritious, vegetarian meals and snacks from across both regional and international cuisines. Students also have dry canteen/tuck shop facilities with food from eateries that are both hygienic and popular. In addition, our students are regularly taken out to restaurants for lunch on Sundays and special occasions.

19. What medical facilities will my child have access to if he/she falls ill or gets injured?

The school has a 6 bed air-conditioned infirmary, which is under the supervision of our trained school nurse and visiting doctor. We have an ambulance for use in case of emergency. Our school also has arrangements with nearby hospitals for hospitalization, diagnostics and other emergencies.

20. Where can I peruse the hostel rules and regulations?

All school & hostel rules and regulations are clearly specified in the school handbook and the residential handbook, which parents are required to read, understand and sign before admitting their ward to the school.