Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Vision-Mission, To create a society of progressive, thinking life-long learners who strive to embody the spirit of innovation, active collaboration and international mindedness in the pursuit of knowledge.

Our Mission

DRS International School (Vision-Mission) is committed:

  • To provide our student community the finest quality, holistic education that meets global qualitative standards in learning and teaching in, across and beyond disciplines in the sciences, commerce, and arts.
  • To inspire in children the love of learning and the joy of discovery; thereby empowering them to innovate and become life-long learners.
  • To nurture the uniqueness and individuality of learners while encouraging them to seek out and appreciate diverse perspectives, beliefs, and cultures of people across the world and in so doing develop international mindedness.
  • To empower our learning community to collaborate and strive in translating their learning into effective action, thereby promoting progressive thinking and global harmony.